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Facebook Monetization Policy Updated 2 | What to Expect Next


So I publish my last video Facebook finally put out a press release and everyone is talking about it. Hey guys, this is Lester dies in this video. We’re going to break down exactly what the new Facebook monetization requirements are now that we have this press release and we have more information.

Facebook Monetization Policy Updated

I can give you all the details on what Facebook monetization is going to look like in 20 21. So in my last video before the Facebook press release came out, I’ve showed you guys the new Facebook Montes. in requirements and I also made some predictions and I talked about why I believe they were changing some of the requirements for my decision and I made some predictions like this if they’re removing the requirement for three minute videos then that means you should be able to monetize all types of videos on Facebook right now.

Meaning that if you’re uploading videos are one minute long, you would still be able to monetize that video the most likely they’re thinking about launching. pre-roll ads for everyone. Alright, so now that we have the press release from Facebook and all of this new information.

About The Changes:

fb monetization policy update

Let’s talk about whether or not I was right about the changes. We’re going to go through some of the main points for this new changes and if you want to read the entire Presley’s I’m going to put a link in the description below now before this change the only videos that you could monetize on Facebook had to be three minutes or longer.

So if you have videos that were shorter than three minutes you can monetize those videos you had to upload three minute videos in order to make money from them. Well, that is no longer the case now you can make money on Facebook from short videos and those videos will be monetized with different types of AD including pre Road Main Road and image ads.

So if you’re uploading one minute video on your Facebook page that video

People have ties the 30-second Mark. So 30 seconds after your video starts that video will show an ad for videos three minutes or longer. They will show an ad at the 45 second Mark now before this change if you want to see an ad on a Facebook video to video needed to be three minutes long and you would only see an ad at the one-minute Mark.

Video Monetization

Well as you can see, that’s no longer the case that you can monetize all types of videos no matter how long or short those videos are. So in a nutshell that’s definitely good news because you no longer have to create three minute videos you can Upload, one minute videos two-minute videos three minute videos if you want to and you can still monetize all of those videos.

Family Facebook is making all of this changes because they see platform site Tick-Tock. We’re short videos are basically taking over. That’s why the press release they’re saying that they’re going to be focusing on short form video monetization notice our about the requirements for monetization because that’s probably one of the main things that you want to know what we that same press release.

They mentioned that they want to increase access to video on station to more people. So that’s why they updated the requirements for monetization because they want more people to access to instruments so before if you want to qualify for monetization, you need a thirty thousand 1 million views only coming from three minute videos.

So if you had a video that was less than three minutes ago viral those views and minutes or.com for monetization. That’s no longer the case right now if you upload any types of videos doesn’t matter if it’s a live video a pre-recorded video a one-minute video no matter what type of video you upload on your Facebook page that will count for your water for monetization,

so that’s why the press release you’re saying they’re expanding monetization to more people because there are now counting all minutes and all views from all videos. So the new metric 600,000 total minutes views to not one minute views total million views from all your videos in the last 60 days and you also need to have five public videos on your Facebook page.

And of course you still need to have at least ten thousand followers on your Facebook page if you want to qualify and apply for monetization now the second biggest update they made was for Facebook live. You can definitely make way more money now.

Donations For Live Video

Facebook lives because not only can you monetize it with Facebook Stars donations and also instruments for live videos, so that means during your live videos you can definitely have ads play and make money from those ads the qualification for that is 600,000 live minutes view in the last 60 days. So it’s pretty much the same qualification for in-stream ads on demand. So those were the main points of this new changes.

Our monetization and it definitely creates a whole new playing field for people who want to make money from Facebook because if you were previously monetized these changes do not affect your page.

You can still continue to make money from your videos and now you can make money from all types of videos on your page. Not just three minute video. So if you were previously monetized, that’s great you can benefit from all of this new changes if you are not monetizing your to monetize a brand new page.

You will still need to get a ten thousand followers on the Facebook page and now 600,000 minute views in the last 60 days.

So you might be thinking well how difficult is it to get the 10,000 followers and the 600,000 total minute views and we’re not going to talk about the five videos published on the page because that’s really simple to do but when it comes to 10,000 followers.

Facebook Ads Monetization

You can definitely continue to use Facebook ads to get those 10,000 followers as quickly as possible. Now when it comes to the 600,000 minute views that you need to qualify for monetization.

That’s a whole different story because that is the bad news about this new change that you can no longer use Facebook ads to boost your videos get paid views and then use those paid views to qualify for monetization.

So in order to qualify those views on your videos need to be organic now that might sound like something that’s very difficult to do but if you’re actually using Facebook ads to grow your followers if you know exactly what to do and how to get those targeted followers to your page.

You can definitely get people interested in watching your videos and you can reach those 600,000 minute views a lot faster because now you can post all types of videos you can post one minute videos two-minute videos three minute videos and even posting live videos on your Facebook page.

You can help you reach monetization now, cuz now all of those views and minutes count for your monetization. So if you’re going your Facebook page in the first 90 days to you know, 20twenty Thirty forty thousand followers if you’re doing it properly you can definitely get those 600,000 minute views within the first 90 days of launching your page.

Now you have more possibilities you can do Facebook lives once a month or perhaps if you don’t want to do Facebook lives, you can post shorter videos any of those short videos get a lot of views.

Those pills will help you get monetized. So that’s a lot has changed, but it comes to Facebook Mark station in 2021 over the next few months. We’re going to see how these changes are going to impact our earnings with Facebook.

Especially if you have multiple Facebook pages, especially if you’re uploading short videos, and of course.

Wrap Up

I’ll be able to bring you guys updated information from my own experiments by own Facebook pages, but also from the experience of many of my since I have over 400 students in my Facebook group from the Facebook income school, and by the way if you want to learn exactly how to build growing monetize Facebook pages.

Just go ahead and check out Facebook income School in the description below with that said, I really appreciate you guys watching this video If you guys enjoyed this video feel free to hit the like button below also subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed already. I’m trying to reach 50,000

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