how to change lawn mower blade

How To Change Lawn Mower Blade | Step By Step Guide 2022 [Updated]


How to change lawn mower blade? Lawn Mower Blade is a useful machine for those who have gardens and who love gardening. As we all have grass in our lawn if we don’t cut them they grow very fast. The lawn mower is a very useful tool for cutting grass and resizing them.

When we are using a lawn mower machine for while for cutting grass the blade may get some damaged. As it is a machine the blade must be sharpened. But sharpening the blade is sometimes not enough. It also may have some other problems like broken teeth, many other problems.

While cutting grass if we notice that the lawn mower is not cutting the grass as effectively, it must cut. After mowing an area, if we see patches of grass are there then the blade of the lawn mower machine must be changed as well as replaced by the new blade.

If one follow the instructions it is not a very difficult job to change or replace a lawn mower blade.

How to lift the deck of lawn mower to check the blade?

While lifting the deck of  a lawn mower machine one must be very careful. At first take a look at the carburetor as well as the oil compartment because if there is oil in the machine while lifting it may spill into the engine here is the method how safely we can do it.

  • Tilt the lawn mower towards the handle properly prop it with a weight.
  • Follow Manuel as well.
  • It is better to remove the oil as well as gas for safety.
  • Take safety measures while inspecting the blade.

How to unplug the spark plug of lawn mower blade?

While unplugging the spark plug of lawn mower one should be very careful because the plug is connected to the battery it might give short which could be much painful to bear.

While unplugging one should be in the safe side, follow all safety precautions because as it have got a spark also the plug is close to the oil as well as gas tank if a little bit spark falls there it could be hazardous.

While unplugging hold the lawn mower properly, then remove the spark plug.

How to remove the blade from the mounting bolt?

Removing the blade from the mounting bolt is not that easy as the blade is quite sharp one must follow some safety precaution before removing the blade from mounting bolt. Here are some useful steps to follow.

Use a socket wrench of appropriate size while mounting the blade from bolt. While removing hold the other end of the blade with your hand properly so that it can’t move. Be careful don’t loose useful parts like washer, mounting hardware, bolt that holds the blade in place.

While removing the blade keep in mind how the blade was placed, how you are removing it. Mount the new blade in same manner.

Usually the blade goes anti clockwise but it is not same in all lawn mower so pay attention while removing.

How can we change the lawn mower Blade?

how to change lawn mower blade

To change the lawn mower blade we have to keep some things in our mind as the blade is sharp take safety measures properly.

  1. Use nut an washers of proper shape as well as size line up the replacement blade properly.
  2. Take look at the user manual to tighten the but how much space is required.
  3. While tightening the blade keep in mind that you don’t over tight the but because if the but is over tight it may cause unwanted vibration.
  4. The length of the new blade should be of the same size of the mounting blade.
  5. Tighten the new blade carefully apply required amount of force.
  6. While mounting hold the other end of the blade so that it can’t move.

If your lawnmower blade is dull, it can cause poor cutting and decreased efficiency. Here are five easy steps to changing your lawnmower blade:
1. Locate the blade release button on the side of your mower.
2. Push down on the blade release button until the blade pops out.
3. Lift the old blade off of the mower and discard it.

Types of Lawn Mower Blades

There are many types of lawn mower blades available on the market today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some blades are designed for use on a push mower, while others are best suited for use with a riding lawnmower. There are also blade types specifically designed for mulching or bagging. The type of blade you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Some blades are designed for cruising around the yard, while others are made for cutting close to the ground.

Some blades are made from hard materials that can last a long time, while others are made from less durable materials and may need to be replaced more often.

We will discuss the different types of lawn mower blades and what factors you should consider when purchasing one. blade size, type of grass, mulching or bagging, and personal preference.

Which direction the nut of the lawn mower should be turned for removing the blade?

The direction of the nut of the lawn mower differs from machine to  machine but for most of the machine it has a similar a process

For most of the machine, the bolt is held by a threaded bolt that screws the shaft of the machine. For most of the machine the but is moved counter clockwise while removing the old blade.

  • Turn the nut in the left direction while mowing the blade.
  • With socket wrench move it anti-clockwise.
  • Use the wrench of the appropriate size that fits the bolt.
  • While turning the nut pay attention to which side it is rotating.
  • Mount the new blade with a similar orientation accordingly to the old blade.

How often should the lawn mower blade  be sharpened?

If you are using your lawn mower daily for mowing the blade might get bend, rough, broken edges, due to yard debris it may affect the thickness of the blade.

What is the cost of a lawn mower blade?

The average cost of lawn mower blade is around 40$ to 90$ which is quite affordable.

What are the symptoms of a dirty carburetor of a Lawn Mower?

The carburetors are one of the important parts of the lawn mower so it should be checked out every day but how can we know if it is facing problem.

It is always better to replace the blade annually, you can sharp the blade ones or twice sharpening to much damages the blade. So be careful.

Here are some symptoms by which we can understand the problem of the carburetor.

  1. See whether your lawn mower machine have trouble starting.
  2. The engine started but it has problems while mowing.
  3. The lawn mower cuts roughly while mowing.
  4. Black smoke coming out of muffler.
  5. Increase of fuel consumption while mowing.

How can the carburetor of a lawn mower be cleaned?

In order to clean  the carburetor of the lawn mower one should take some steps as well follow a proper guide, because it is the sensitive part of the lawn mower.

  • Before cleaning makes sure that the engine is cooled down.
  • Remove the cover of the engine if necessary.
  • Remove the air filter cover, air filter, air filter housing.
  • Shut the fuel valve as well crimp the fuel line remove it from the valve.
  • Choke, throttle linkage should be detached from throttle liver.
  • Slide the carburetor of the mounting bolt.
  • Remove the screw to remove the carburetor bowl from lawn mower.
  • Remove as well release the float fin.
  • Spray a carburetor cleaner on intake as well outtake valve.
  • Clean out the carburetor bowl as well.
  • If you rusting inside the carburetor clean it with sandpaper.
  • Make sure that the bowl gasket is in place.
  • Reinstall the carburetor in its position.
  • Connect the fuel line.
  • Reinstall the air filter, filter cover, filter housing.

How to change the battery of lawn mower?

After purchasing a lawn mower If you are using it daily then like car battery it also need to changed by due time because like car battery the lawn mower battery also has to do the same job like operate the engine as well other electrical functions.

But while changing the battery we should be careful because it is one of the key job to be done so some steps should be followed.

  • Park the lawn mower on a flat surface and let it to cool down as well as other electronic function to stop.
  • Locate the battery position usually the battery is installed either inside the seat, hood or black box near the handle.
  • Put on safety glasses, gloves protect you from battery acid. The battery acid is very harmful to our skin, those who have allergy rashes may develop
  • Pour one cup of water, one tea spoon house hold baking soda in a disposable cup mix it well.
  • Pour the mixture into the battery terminal to dissolve Insert flat head screw driver into the battery stabilizing bracket turn the  screw counter clock wise then loosen the screw push the bracket to one side.
  • Place an adjustable wrench on the negative terminal turn the screw counter clockwise it has a negative sign on it there are two cable red as well black remove the cable from both of them and remove the battery.
  • Clean cable head of both cable And make it shiny .
  • Place the new lawn mower battery into the battery box , to save the battery from corrosion apply a coat of petroleum jelly.

Place the red cable on red terminal, black on black terminal and tighten it with adjustable wrench. Replace the battery bracket scare it clockwise to hold it right. Dispose your old battery carefully because batteries are toxic.

Different types of lawn mower blades are available to suit different needs. Some blades are designed for fine or delicate grasses, while others are better suited for thicker or coarser grass. There are also blades specifically designed for use on different types of turf.


The lawn mower machine is a very important tools for those who have gardens, it helps us to keep our garden healthy as the machine has got a blade as cutting tools. So it’s is our duty to maintain the rigidity of the blade in proper shape.

The lawn mower machine has other sensitive parts as well it our duty to maintain the machine properly check it part daily keep everything up to date so that the machine works properly.

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