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prototype 3

There are lots of video games in online store. Prototype 3  is one of the best open world games among them. In this section, we will discuss release date, officially confirmation, trailer version, and some FAQs about this video game.

Release date of prototype 3

The action game release date is always subject to new ones and concern to change on a regular basis. This game developed by Radical Entertainment and released in North America on June 9, 2009.

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Prototype 3 officially confirmed

This game development has not been officially confirmed. Prototype representative do not wish to discuss about it. Games developer are always trying to grab more ideas and need to write best script which will extend the game into different part.

Prototype 3 Official Trailer

People are waiting for the second part of this game. The old two trailer version is available in youtube called ”Prototype 3 Official Trailer’’ or “Prototype 3 Gameplay Trailer“.

Game FAQs

What is an Action adventure video game?

Action-adventure games are also called ad ‘’arcade adventure games’’. This video game designed with combined adventure and several elements of action games. It can be classified under genres in which involves a lot of video games. It also be hybrid genre.

What are the features of action adventure games?

Action game have some distinct features including action, combat  and endeavors. Adventure games involve series of puzzle solving associated with calm.

  • Puzzle solving
  • Setting themes and story
  • Dialogue and Conversation
  • Goal, success and failure


So you can choose this game for taking an idea to develop new one. New developers need enough ideas to bring back the series. This video game is fun but sure it is forgettable. It is the best action adventure games of all the time.

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