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The Best Fire Emblem Games in 2021 | Ultimate Game List


The best fire emblem games are based on fantasy and the origin of the game is originated from Japan. The game franchise is developed by the intelligent system and the copyright belongs to. Nintendo game was published for Famicom in the year 1990. The series consist of 19th core entries.

The game is character placed grid base game. It contains a story and it is quite similar to the traditional role-playing video game.

The developers experimented with many things. The notable aspect of the game is the permanent death of the characters in the battle and they are removed from the battle zone because they are defeated but in the new titles they just added a twist in the tail.

The Fire Emblem Games

New Mystery of the Emblem, here we see there are two modes classic and casual mode. In the classic mode the fallen character remains dead but in the case of casual mode, if a character is dead one can have him ready for the next level. So that you can have a choice between your player. No problem if the player is dead.

In this article, we are just having a brief discussion about the games and the features of the games. Some of the characters of the game got famous not only in, Japan but also in the Western world. Those two characters are Marth and Roy. They were included in the game called Super Smash Bros. Two characters achieved a quite of success.

The level and Theme of Best Fire Emblem Games

The game level is created just not in one world or not in format here what they have done. They made this game according too base story they kept the basic same but the inter connected one level with another level. So that they can maintain the consistency between the level in the game.

They portrayed the medieval period of Europe and the blending themes of knight and magic. In the game try used mythology and mythological creature like dragons, Pegasusthey also kept a twist of Japanese traditional samurai set up.

The Objective of the Games

Thegreater of the game is quite clever he just tried his best to create the levels in a critical away after finishing one level going to another level the player has to follow some objectives like.

  • Rout the enemy
  • Defeat the boss
  • Seize
  • Survive
  • Protect
  • Escape

These are some few objects that a player should keep in mind while playing the game.

Weapons used in Best Fire Emblem?

As the game is based on mythological period the weapons are also set up in that manner weapons like, Swords, Lances, Axes. They also have ranged option Like ,Bows Daggers, Tomes. Some of the character also can be transferred into mythological creatures likedragons, Pegasus. Another important option is the healing power they can just staves and heal their injuries. They also have  a option of changing equipment.


Players command there units to attack the enemies. They try to reduce there HP and try to keep there one intact the main aspect is to take damage and make damage by skills and strike one can also take advantage and bonuses by defeating enemies.

The name of some renowned Best Fire Emblem Games?

best fire emblem games for android

As we all know it is a renowned it consists of so many levels,here are some of the levels we have discussed.

1. Best Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance

The game was released for it’s pinnacle here the series contains both combat and story telling the game include genocide and racism they should fight against this chaos of worldly affairs it alsohad weapon welding and magic-based with bonus experience and also laser used character.

2. Best Fire Emblem Three Houses

The game contains fantasy warfare and also traditional combat mission in the game we can develop our party and start with a low level commoners and you can also recruit them from other houses to fill your squad this one is the most personalized fire emblem game yet.

3. Fire Emblem Awakening.

This game was the perfect entry point for the new, comers, it has got casual mode disabled the permanent death feature and the utility to download character from other emblem game one of the special features of this game is the time travel to other emblem game.

4. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

The game is quite easy many players can be entered at times the eight entry is special and gives easy gameplay and it runs smoothly.

5. Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade.

The game has a seventh entry which was given for the western audience after the bringing of Marth and Roy from super smash bros.

6. Fire Emblem Fate Special Edition.

It is a controversial title and it is quite similar to the pokemon game.

  • Fire Emblem Fate : Revelation, Conquest, Birthright they are quite similar to Fate special edition.
  • Fire Emblem : Shadow Dragon.

This edition of the game is based on Marth’s story and features many difficulties and replay ability.

  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentina.

The game play starts with the perfect definition of the love letter on which the game is based the game contains beautiful visual, breathtaking music, and flashed out character.

  • Fire Emblem: Radiant down

The game has a level option like easy, normal, hard and it can get brutal at times.

  • Fire Emblem: Warriors

The game is a road to dynasty warrior game with the fire emblem characters come true.

  • Fire Emblem Heroes

The game was released for free to play on mobile in 2017 and it was available for both. Android and ios it plays like a tactical role-playing game and it has got a various character from the franchise.

  • Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade Of Light

It was released in Japan 201in 9 but the West also can grab their hands here recently it is open for all

Best Fire Emblem Games Reddit

according to many senses, it depends on oneness but the senses we see the best Reddit game are as follow

  • New Mystery of the Emblem.
  • Sacred stone.
  • Blazing Stone.
  • Shadow of Valentina.
  • Genealogy of the Holy War.

But according to the 2020 survey as there are so many gaming shows and gaming tournament are going on we have got a fresh list and some other levels are also included like

  • The Binding Blade
  • Fates Conquest
  • Fates Birthright
  • Awakening
  • Three Houses
  • Path of Radiance
  • Radiant Dawn.

What is the best fire emblem games to start with?

The sacred stone is the best game for the new comers here. The characters are less flat and easily accessible and it is also lower in the priority level and you can also see the story from siblings to perspective.

The Few Best Fire Emblem Character name

  • Marth
  • Roy
  • Chrom
  • Alm&Celica
  • Byles
  • Ephraim& Eirika
  • Dimitri
  • Hector

They are the most renowned and powerful characters of the game some of them has a story play included with them.

What is the rating of the best fire emblem game according to statistics?

As we all know that the game is popular and everyday followed by many people and it is also played all over the world some play on computer or laptop, Play station and mobile the level of the game are rated as per public review.

  • Fire Emblem Awakening 9.99 /10.
  • Path of Residence 9.70.
  • Warriors 9.87.
  • Radiant dawn 9.70.
  • Shadow of Valentine 9.90
  • 78.

What is the longest Best Fire Emblem games?

Here are the names of the longest Fire Emblem this games might take hours and days to finish and it also tough and very critical to play

  • Genealogy of the holy war this game takes nearly 40 hours.
  • Mystery of the emblem approximately 30 to 40 hours.
  • Theacia nearly 30 to 35 hours.
  • Binding Blade 26 hours.
  • Gaiden nearly 25 to 27 hours.

Other Best Games Like Best Fire Emblem

If you are a fan of, Fire Emblem then I recommend you to play familiar types of some interesting game are.

  • Valkyria Chronicles 4.
  • Shining Force 1& 2
  • Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
  • Pokemon Conquest
  • Blood Bowl 2
  • The Banner Saga
  • Achtung
  • Advance warriors
  • TearRing Saga
  • Stella Glow
  • Berwick saga
  • Kindle Fire

This games has a basic like fire Emblem this games also have a story behind their levels. The levels are quite alike the fire emblem games this game is also well known for there smooth running and the characteristic role play.


Today we live in a small world and we are attracted many games. The main theme of the game is providing entertainment by different means. So in this article, we show you the best side of Fire Emblem game how the game is played and all other aspects of the game. We also show which game is the best and also all other games like this one and also the ratings of the game with yearly survey and also statistics of the game around the world.

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