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The Cricut Expression 2 is an old machine but for many crafters, it is still the best cutter. This is a fun machine and can cut your balsa wood, chipboard,  magnets etc. into proper shapes so that you can make scrapbooks and other beautiful stuff.

Expression 2  by Cricut is an amazing machine which does not even require a computer and it allows you the portability impeccably. If you want to travel with it or you are going to move it here and there then this must be the best bet for you.

Best Electronic Cutting Machine: Cricut Expression 2 Machine

Cricut Expression 2

The power of this machine is decent and you get better cuts from 3/4 Inch to 23.5 Inch than any other machine.

The fact that may disappoint you is you cannot make your own customized designs with this machine. This machine is completely cartridges based.

It has an LCD full-color touchscreen and it can connect online easily to the free Craft Room software of Cricut so that you can browse a huge number of images. You can effortlessly print or cut images from exactly 3/4 Inch to 23.5 inches. It is compatible with almost all of the Cricut Cartridges. Along with these, you will also get free updates for Expression 2.

The designs of this machine are basically selected by the plugging in the cartridges into the Cricut machine. You can resize and move the designs too. A number of helpful options are there to help you out. There is an auto-fill option that can copy the shapes onto your mat as per your requirements.

There are also options for pre-loading mats for cutting. When one mat is cut, you can move to another one. This will help you in saving your paper.

Cricut Expression 2 Cartridges

As we have told you before, the machine is basally a cartridge based system. By this, we mean to say that you are not allowed to make any custom designs or shapes with this Cricut machine. You must get the designs from the cartridge. This cartridge is materially based on THEME and these come up with more than 50 different designs or shapes. Here, you can use more than thousands of shapes as per your requirement.

Even this machine has got some shapes that are directly licensed by the Disney. This is usually added for the kids to make fun. This machine can also take the Imagine Cartridges of Cricut.

If you want to talk about the downside then the cost of using the Cartridges is a fact. These can range from $15 to about $100 which is really expensive. Even if you need one image then also you are required to purchase the whole set.

The most important advantage of using the Cartridges is you are not required to use any computer for it. You are allowed to share any kind of physical cartridge with your friends.

With the machine, 2 built-in cartridges are added which includes fonts and images so when you buy the machine you can take the full benefit out of it.

Cricut Expression 2 Software

The prominent thing that you hit your hard every time is that no computer is required to connect this Craft Room Software of Cricut Expression. To use of the Craft Room Software is very convenient because you can effortlessly set up the software and can select your desired designs on your computer. This is better than working on the machine’s screen. This software needs an Internet connection and all you have  do is to create an account (online account.)

Once you are done setting up the account, you can easily link up all you physical cartridges with the online account. In this way, you will not need to plug the cartridges into Expression 2 machine every time. Browsing the digital cartridges and buying them will also be easy if you use the Craft Room.

Digital Cartridges are very cheap if compared to the physical ones and in this way, it will save your money.

Buying a subscription is also a great way. Per month it will charge you $9.99 and per year it will cost you $99.99 and by this, you will get more than 25,000 shapes.

Cricut Expression 2 Wireless Adapter

Before July 2018, there was a wireless adapter for Cricut Expression machine and the manufactured it so that they can provide you better connection in between the computer and the machine. By the use of the Cricut Craft Room of this Expression you could have connected it with the computer but due to low demand for this item, this was discontinued. In this time, the Cricut Craft Room software was also shut does.

So, Cricut Expression 2 WiFi Adapter is not available for you.

Some FAQs on Expression 2 by Cricut

How to use Cricut Design Space with Cricut Expression 2?

Using the Cricut Design Space you can easily make shaped with the Expression 2 model. All you have to do is plug in the cartridge and select designs. Move and resize the shapes and place them. You get 3 fonts, 110 layered images and 40 phrases with the box. Blade and blade housing are also included.

How to use the Cricut Expression 2/How to use my Cricut Expression 2?

With the Cricut Expression, you will get 3 fonts along with 110 layered images. You will not get any DVD with the box. The touchscreen has some menus select, go for them when you need. Select the desired design and set them. For cutting you have to press the CUT button 2/3 times. Saving custom CUT setting will make the work easier.

Does the Cricut Expression have any warranty?

Yes, this machine comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Winding Up

Expression 2 may not be ideal for everyone because if you are searching for a machine that can cope up with your customized designs then this may not serve you the best experience. However, you will get around 10 thousand shapes and designs that you can choose from the Craft Room Software of Expression 2.

Before purchasing, you have to know the cost. This machine may also cost for the addition cartridges and for the subscription so that you can go through the Craft Room Software.

As a computer is not required with this, you can have your best time with this machine.

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