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The renowned electric shaver brand Braun presents you four different models in the very famous Series 7 line named 720, 760, 790 and 799. There are a lot of confusion in people if the brand bears superb features or not and which model they should get.

We eventually decided on ending the confusion with the help of doing an in-depth detailing and analysis of all the features and qualities of Braun Series 7 shaver models.

If we keep the shaving performance in the prior position then all of the Braun Series 7 shavers are just ideal for any user because all the models have got the advanced Sonic Technology for terrifying performance. All the stuff with the shaver will afford you a personalization mode for each time you shave.

The Braun Series 7 Men’s Electric Shaver – Features and Technologies

Men's Electric Shaver

Advanced Sonic Technology

The advanced Sonic Technology in a Braun Shavers can read your face and can adapt to the density of your beard. In every minute it gets you through 10,000 micro vibrations so that it can capture a lot more hair with the every stroke it provides. For its most comfortable and thorough shave it provides you fast shaving.

Multiple Shaving Modes

The Series 7 by Braun offers you with 3 different personalization modes so that all your individual shaves get the higher preference. For the different facial areas or zones, the brand, Braun affords you 3 different modes named as Intensive Mode, Normal Mode and Extra Sensitive Mode. To allow you to get the best fit for your skin and beard and also for the ultimate flexible shaving, the Series 7 is a must buy shaver.

Active Lift Facility

There are some problem areas specially the areas where you cannot reach are hard to shave. Many of us will find it really difficult to go through these areas. Surveys say that one of the biggest need of a man is to get one thorough shave in the tough-to-reach areas of neck where the usual scenario is flat-lining hair.

The Series 7 by Braun took this problem into account and then tries to bring a solution to this difficulty. The Active Lift technology which is patented by Braun is specifically engineered for the difficult-to-reach shaving areas.

The middles trimmer with unique oscillating power can make 130 movement in every seconds which will lift and cut the flat-lining hair effortlessly.

Advanced OptiFoil

The Braun Series 7 includes ergonomically designed hole that are basically foil holes. These can consistently capture you all hair that are over the foil so that it can cut the hair deeper.

The foil holes capture your hair properly for getting a perfect cut.

Flexible Shaving Method

Are you searching for a shaver that has flexible shaving method? This brand has discovered a unparalleled combination of floating cutting elements along with the pivoting shaver head so that the shavers can afford you the ultimate facial adaptability.

Braun Series 7- 790cc

The Braun Series 7 790cc usually comes with an additional automatic program selection. This has also got the fast clean option. For easier operation this popular shaver model has the LCD battery indicator that will show you how much battery is left (6 level battery indicator.)

A premium leather pouch is included with shaver kit. Though you cannot use this in your shower, only the Braun Series 7- 799cc can be used in shower.

Braun Series 7 vs 9

Braun Series, one of the leading brands in electric shavers world have different series of shavers in their collection and all of the series have got different models. The most popular series of Braun shavers are the Series 7 and Series 9 are almost identical in the features but they also have some features that are different from each other.

The series 7 has automatic cleaning system along with charging method. The series 9 is efficient in cleaning and shaving efficiently. All the models of series 7 have Macro Motion technology that usually allow you easy navigation. It is also easy to operate. The 9 series will offer you additional trimmer along with travel-lock indicator.

Some FAQs on Braun Series 7

How to clean Braun Series 7?

You have to use a dry brush tool for gentle removing the shaving stubble debris exactly from the optic foil cutting unit. You will also require to remove waste from the pivoting base of shaving head.

From cleaning the Series 7 you can also do a cleansing bath with the use of Clean and Renew Station for completely washing and lubricating all of the shaving head and pivoting mechanism.

What is the difference between Braun Series 7 and 9?

The Braun Series 7 and 9 have some differences in between them such as the 7 series has automatic cleaning facility and charge method. It has also got macro motion technology for effortless navigation where the Series 9 afford additional trimmer and indicator for travel-lock.

Where can you get Braun Series 7 Replacement Head?

Braun, the popular shaver brand recommends you changing the cutter block and foil of the shaver in every 18 months. This will maintain the maximum performance of your shaver so that you can get a perfect shave everyday. The replacement head is also very prominent and you can get all the replacement in Amazon.

Which model of Series 7 has Pulsonic Shaver System?

The series 7 790cc has also got the Pulsonic shaver system for high-density performance.This will provide micro vibration of 10,000 that will help you capture more hair than ever.

Wrapping Up

What you need to be aware of is their marketing strategy. One added simple features can sometimes make a huge difference in their price range.

So before purchasing, you need to be sure about what are the features you require for your shaving and what features the product bear with it.

All the details of best Braun series 7 review are described in the preceding part will aid you to know about the brand and the models of Series 7.

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