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How To Use Cricut Expression 2 | Guide & Reviews 2022 [Updated]


The Cricut Expression machine. It is a type of machine that is used for cutting a wide variety of materials like cut images, clipboard, and thin foil. This machine can cut this type of materials as small as possible.

This machine is an important tool for craftsman because it specifically cuts out material into different unique shape and a variety that one requires.

Important Quality of the Cricut Expression 2

Our world is a wonder of science we get new inventions now and then. The Cricut Expression 2 don’t require a computer but you can also, connect it with the computer it is a very fun machine, you can take it anywhere you can also travel with it as it doesn’t require a computer around it.

The Cricut Expression 2 is a very powerful cutting machine it can cut any materials, the machine is also cartridge-based.

The usefulness of the Cricut Expression 2

Usually,it is quite easy to use the machine ones you are familiar with the controls.

  • Designs are selected by plugging the cartridges and designs can be moved, resized or can be reshaped as well.
  • It has got an auto fill option, ones you select an option it automatically copies the shape and sized it into the mat where required.
  • The Cricut expression has got a special feature like if you cut something one or more then one you can just pre-load, the machine automatically keeps on cutting.If you just give another mat this feature saves time, help to save the paper as well.

Is It Suitable With Design Space?

The circuit expression machine was created for it’s compatible with the current design software and this software helps to patch the design with the design space software and create there personal design.

Design and Features

The updated version of Cricut Expression 2 is inbuilt with many new features.

  • It has got a touch n with an affordable display.
  • Full LCD color display to move and manipulate images with no need for a computer.
  • It can also connect with the online software where you can browse many images.
  • It can print images as small as ¾” to 23 1/2” and larger as 12”*24”.
  • Compatible with all cartridges.
  • It has got sync software which helps to updates when required.

How to Connect Cricut Expression 2 to the Computer

Cricut Expression 2

The Cricut expression doesn’t require a computer but in case if you want to connect it to the computer one must follow some basic procedure at first we have to download a free software

Cricut Craft Room software (CCR) from the Cricut com website download it and install it to your PC and then connect it.

What Software Can We Use

There are many software other then CCR we can also use MTC which also a cutting software used in Cricut expression for cutting.

How to update the software of Cricut expression 2

At first you have to ensure that you sign in to a cricut design space and see that your machine is connected and powered on then you have to enter account setting menu bar on the left side of the design software and then select the update Firmware and then select your machine from the drip down machine of the pop up window this is how you update your machine.

How do you upload cartridges to Cricut Expression 2

To download cartridges to the circut expression you should first see that the machine is powered on and then connect it to your computer by USB cable, or you can insert the cartridge adapter into a USB port on your computer and then link the cartridges from the account menu in the upper left corner of the design space and then go to the drop down menu and select your device.

The Cartridge use of Cricut Expression 2

The cartridge is the important element of cricut Expression 2 because it’s a cartridge-based system.

One can’t create custom shapes and sizes with the machine as it comes from the cartridge. The cartridges are theme-based and come in 50 different shapes.

  • The cartridge has a shape that is licensed by Disney which is provided especially for the kids for fun.
  • The cricut Expression has got two built-in cartridges which include images, fonts for use.
  • Here you can weld different multiple shapes into multiple shapes.

How can one see whether cartridge is link to the account?

To see whether the cartridge is link to account it is quite just keep in mind some simple procedure.

  • You should have a account on circut .com, you have to sign in to your account.
  • When you access to your account you will see a person icon click on that icon.
  • Left side of your account from the menu click on link cartridges.

How To Use Cricut Expression 2 Without Cartridge

As we can use the Cricut Expression 2 with the computer the cartridge must be present inside the machine as the machine has a touch screen in built you can ace your design on the screen and then cut it out as you required.

What can Cricut Expression 2 cut

CricutExpression  2 can cut a vast range of materials, here is a list of some materials.

  • Vinyl.
  • Light,medium,heavy cardstock.
  • Cricut stencil materials.
  • Fabric.
  • Foam.
  • Cricut magnet materials
  • Cricut stamping materials.
  • Chipboard.
  • Balsawood.

For heavier materials such as magnets, staining materials, chipboard you need to use a deep cutting blade.

What Types of Cutting Blades Used in Cricut Expression 2

As we know, it is a cutting machine it cuts different types of materials so for cutting this material we need different types of the blade here is a brief of different types of blade and how we can use them.

  • Fine Point Blade – gold/silver.
  • Deep Point Blade – Black.
  • Bonded Fabric Blade – pink.
  • Foil Transfer kit – Blue.
  • Rotary Blade – only works with circut maker silver.
  • Knife Blade – Silver.
  • Quick Swap Perforation Blade –Silver.
  • Quick Swap Perforation Blade –silver.

How Can We Make Our Own Designs With the Cricut Expression 2

The Cricut Expression 2 is a very powerful machine as it is cartridge-based. We can upload our own design and custom We can upload a image On the cricut design space and print it on your own.

The Cricut Expression 2 has changed the world of scrap booking and crafting.New software is available for the circuit users to download images, pattern directly from the Internet .

Can we connect WiFi to the Cricut Expression 2

At the first stage the companies did manufacture a wireless adapter for the Expression 2 machine so that we could connect it to your computer wire lessly by using the Cricut Craft Room software.

What type of Cricut Expression machines you should buy?

There are different types of cutting machines, but while buying we should be careful and we should also have a knowledge about the types of machine the specification and also have the idea of the machine. Here are name of some Best Cricut Expression machines to buy according to the senses of 2021.

  • Cricut Explore Air 2.
  • Cricut Joy.
  • CricutHeat Press Machine.
  • Cricut Easy Press 2.
  • Cricut Bright Pad.

What is the procedure for changing paper format on the Machine

As it is a cutting machine we need to follow some process for cutting the paper according to the sizes.

  • At first you should plug you Cricut Expression 2 machine to the ground wall outlet.
  • On the Cricut press the Mat size button to change the Mat size if you are using the paper of the size 12-inch by 24- inch.
  • Remove the protective clear covering from your cutting mat.
  • Change your load type of the material size.
  • Choose a new materials type from the drop down.
  • Select the material size field on the left side of the screen to adjust the materials size on the paper.

What is the reset procedure of the device

The reset step is the most important and sensitive part is the resetting the machine properly and carefully. To reset the machine you should follow some steps and in brief here are some steps to be followed in order to reset the Cricut Expression 2.

  • Power off the Expression 2 machine.
  • Hold down the magnifying glass, pause, power buttons all at the same time.
  • Hold until the machine gives a colorful screen, then release the button.
  • Follow the on screen direction.
  • Repeat the process one more time.

Is the Cricut Expression Money Worthy?

Yes the circuit expression obviously worth money because it had provided total worth to those who loves crafting because it has saved time as well as extra money like the teacher for their project to cut images for their students, Family members also can help their children with their project but circuit expression machine by this examples we can say it I money worthy.


The circuit expression is very useful and time saving machine in our day to day and the article here deals with the specification and feature of the machine and how can we make the proper use of this machine.

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