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Facebook Monetization Policy Updated | What to Expect in 2021


Hi Facebook Creators!

I am going to inform you about today’s Facebook monetization policy updates 2021. Facebook releases some significant changes when it comes to monetization with Facebook pages.

I’m going to inform you and then in another follow-up. I will go into the details of what these changes mean if you’re trying to get monetized on Facebook in 2021.

Check Your Facebook Monetization Eligibility:

So like I said, these changes just came out of nowhere today. I’ve checked the Facebook blog. I’ve checked the eligibility requirements on the official Facebook pages, and they still have the old requirements for monetization at 30,000 one-minute views the 10,000 followers.

facebook monetization policy

So those pages have not been updated as of the writeup. However, if you have a Facebook page right now and go to your creator studio and then go to monetization, you’ll be able to see your eligibility requirements for monetization.

Most likely, you’ll see something like this as you can see the requirements for monetization have changed still need to have 10,000 followers on your Facebook page.

But now, you no longer need the 30000 or 1 million views on three-minute videos in the last 60 days. And this was most challenging tasks to complete in the process of getting monetize on Facebook, and that’s mainly because you needed 30,000 one-minute views specific. Specifically on three-minute videos.

If you have many views on videos that were shorter than three minutes, those views won’t qualify for monetization. And so that means you would need to get more views, but apparently, that’s no longer the case starting today.

I’ve checked with multiple of my students. Right now, in my arena, over 500 people are building Facebook monetize pages, and they see the same.

Requirements For the Video Monetization:

What you need is 600,000 minutes view total in the last 60 days 600,000 might sound like a lot, but when you think about it, that’s combined all the videos that you have on your Facebook page.

It doesn’t matter if your video is 1 minute long, 3 minutes long, 5 minutes long from all the views. That you’re getting on your Facebook page now all of those views and minutes views on those videos count towards getting monetize.

As on Facebook, that’s one of the main things that has changed over the past 24 hours for Facebook monetization, which is a significant change. I’m going to explain to you why I believe that is a major change for 2021.

The last requirement for monetization on Facebook is to have at least five public videos on your Facebook page. That’s it that they’re asking you to upload five videos on your Facebook page and that those yours be public.

The question is, what does this mean for Facebook monetization in 2021. Well, Facebook has been changing the monetization requirements for the past three years. This is the third time that they have changed the monetization requirements.

They have made it a little bit easier for people to get in, and now they’re changing it again and the most significant change they made this time. Is that removing the requirement of having to get those three-minute videos uploaded on your Facebook page to qualify for monetization and getting those 30,000 watch minute views?

The Major Changes

facebook monetization requirements

That’s a big vital change and the reason why I believe that’s a significant change. It’s mainly because if they’re removing the requirement for three-minute videos, then that means you should be able to monetize all types of videos on Facebook right now. Meaning that if you’re uploading videos that are one minute long, you would still be able to tie them.

That video, most likely they’re thinking about launching pre-roll ads for everyone, which is the same type of ads you get to see on YouTube. When you first start watching a YouTube video that you get to skip that ad and basically.

If someone watches the entire ad, you get to make money on Facebook. You needed to watch at least one minute of the video to see an ad. So that’s why they require that videos beat three minutes long.

I know they’ve been testing pre-roll ads for the past few months made a video. Not too long ago about some of the things that they’ve been trying for monetization. This new requirement for month station has something to do with that now with these new requirements.

Ways To Monetize

They are some new obstacles, for example, for you to reach those 600,000-minute views. They need to be 100% organic so you can be paid from use boost a video or pay for an ad to get more views on your Facebook page and hopefully help you meet those requirements.

So that’s one of the things that has changed those views need to be organic. That’s the only thing that I would say; it’s an obstacle if you’re trying to get monetized fast because you could pay for views before, and that would help you get monetized as quickly as possible right now.

You have to get those 600,000-minute views organically, but I’ll be testing this by itself over the next few days because these are a brand-new chain. Changes and whatever you get brand-new changes.

Wrap Up

There are always new things that you can test and see what works and what doesn’t work. So guys, so far. This is all the information we have right now from Facebook because, as I said, these changes happen today, and we haven’t seen a press release or a blog or anything like that from Facebook explaining why they decided to make these changes.

So soon as I have more information from Facebook. I’ll make a new detailed post on what to expect and how we’ll get monetized in 2021.

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