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Happy Birthday in Italian | Events and Greeting Cards


A Birthday is a day when one is born and came to our heavenly earth. The Happy Birthday in Italian is quite special for each one of us because the day takes us back to our evergreen memories. We just try to relive some Astonishing moments which we have left behind us our friend and family try to tell us how much special we are to them and they stand always behind us.

The day is followed by different ways in different countries. The Happy Birthday in Italian celebration depends on tradition, culture, and different type of lifestyle. We live in this article are going to throw light on how, where can celebrate this occasion. Before getting into the discussion we should know about Italians culture, customs, religious ethic, and about there mannerisms.

How does Italians Celebrate Their Birthday ?

Italians are rich in culture, society, and heritage. They have manners as well. They are nice people here. People celebrate their birthdays in different ways some people like to stay at home. They cook food, bake cake for celebrations of family. Friend while others go out and have parties with family and friends, some people like to just chill outside on the eve of this day.

So that they can relive their moments and refresh their memories

How to Wish Happy Birthday in Italian?

If you want to wish happy birthday to a Italian, there are few ways say you can shout loud and say “Buoncomplennao” the direct translation is happy or good birthday. Another simple one is “Tanti auguri” which is also near to happy birthday. Here auguri means best wishes or congratulations which can be used any were at any circumstances.

What is the Italian Birthday Tradition?

The first common thing which we see in every tradition is the Treat. Who is giving the party and who is taking care of everything at the party but in the case of Italy is the birthday person pays all the bill.

Other important things are that the Italian are a family loving person so they are obedient to their parents and respect their elders, so on the eve, they, take their family along with them to the party.

The cuisine must be there traditional and cultural basic they like to follow their roots as much as possible.

Another important thing one should keep in mind is that Italians like music very much on a special occasion and especially opera.

What age Birthday is Special in Italian Tradition?

The 18th birthday is very special here because that is the end of teen age now. You’re an adult you can make your own decision you are not child anymore. There are so many things the teenager wants to do but he is bounded by a line but on the 18 birthday, he or she is free of everything now he or she can vote, have own driving license, can go to pub and night club, over you can do anything like the adult. Here are some ways how they celebrate their birthday.

  • In case you don’t have a lot of money then you can have a slumber party that you can invite your friend to your house and have a party and watch movies for fun.
  • Camp ,born fire we can go out for a tour to a jungle with your friends and family and you also go for hill climbing etc.
  • Play high tech games with your friend in your home theater.
  • You can also have a pool party because you still don’t earn money you just put your first step.
  • They also go to arcade track for car racing,motor biking etc.
  • At this age family should take care of a very special thing that is as they go to parties , club, and many other places they get easily attracted to many harmful things they don’t even have ideas where this things lead them to like drugs,gambling, etc. So they should be properly look after

Italian Society and Culture

The culture stands erect on there family values because morality and culture grow from here. Family provides a social structure so it influences its members. The family provides both financial and emotional support to its members. So in special occasion like birthday family plays a vital role.

Now let us get into brief how can we celebrate this occasion step by step.

How to wish someone happy birthday on a greeting card?

Here some very simple ways to wish someone on so and so birthday, Many happy returns of the day may God bless you with health wealth and prosperity.

On your birthday I wish you success and a lot of happiness. Wish you a beautiful birthday and get double of everything you wish. In case if it’s the birthday of family members then the words should come from our heart so while reading they can get the feeling of our emotion.

What events can be done on this occasion?

As we all know the day starts with greeting cards blessings etc. now let us discuss how the day goes.

On the day is followed by giving gifts, singing the birthday song, cutting cakes, parties, dinner, and many of us have many rare choices like on the occasion many of us like to chill the whole day with friend and family.

What gift should be given on your birthday?

As we Live in a very large world here we get to see different cultures, tradition, and religious ethics.

Now let us take a look

  • Asia here the birthdays are celebrated very simple ways as we know the people here are very religious, traditional, and cultures they offer religious prayer try to give a gift like a traditional dress, book, flower, lucky charms. The people here are very attracted to gold and silver ornaments, etc.
  • But in Italy it is quite different they give flowers. Wine, dark chocolate, pizza, pasta, macaroni, and so on
  • But in case of America they are quite different they don’t like giving gifts and doing a celebration largely rather they just like to be in their house or just go to a pub

While giving gifts things we should remember?

While giving gift it is very important to remember one thing that the Italian like to open the gift in front of everyone but like in other countries when we get a gift we keep it aside but in Italy it is consider to be rude.

If you are giving flowers then don’t give chrysanthemums because they are used in funerals and also keep in mind don’t give red flowers as they indicate secrecy on the other hand yellow means jealousy.

In case of if anyone brings wine remember they like vintage wine no matter what might be the quantity. In case if you bring a gift then while wrapping keeps In mind don’t wrap with black colour because it is mourning colour and doesn’t wrap with purple as it brings bad luck.

What do Italians like to eat?

happy birthday in italian

We all know that Italian cuisine is famous all over the world they have a very wide range of food collection but their favorite food items are

Mozzarella cheese

Gorgonzola cheese

Parmesan cheese



Almond cookies

Hazelnut cookies

Res and white wine

Birthday cake?

The main theme of the birthday is the cake in the Italian tradition. One thing is quite certain the cake is either baked or ordered by the person who is celebrating the birthday it is not necessary to personalize but the cake must have the name of the person on it.

What dress must be worn on birthday?

As it is a birthday party we don’t have to be very formal like it is not necessary to wear a coat, tie, or suit etc. just be casual as everyone is in the party mood.

Where will be the party held?

If the house of the birthday person is big and have a backyard which can accommodate 100 to 200 people the party can be held and if the house is small then no problem there are many options like book a resort, restaurant, banquet, or convention hall or you can do party on beach as per budget.


As we all know that birthday is a day that take us back to our roots where we belong no matter which age we are our friends and families just try to make us happy by doing al sought of things that we like so birthday deals with food ,song, celebration, and etc.

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