What Do You Say When You Give a Gift

What Do You Say When You Give a Gift | The Right Way


The gift is a very special thing in our day-to-day life. A gift is not only a thing or item, it is the medium to express our feelings towards our loved, dear, close ones. It is the way by which we can celebrate or accomplished their life’s beautiful events so that they can hold their breath for a bit as well go back to their past.

The gift is giving is also one of the most important features or part and parcel of a party. It is also the limelight of any occasion or event.

Gifts help us to express our feelings from deep inside our heart it also helps to show our love towards our dear ones because gifts speak on our behalf we don’t need to tell anything the gift tells story of it’s own. The person whom we are giving gift gets to know how much we love him and feel the warmth of our heart.

How to Share Gift Background?

When you are giving a gift to anyone the most important thing is to present the gift in such a manner that it gets interesting as we know everyone loves to here stories. Everyone loves thrilling, adventure, suspicious stories so while presenting a gift just try to build a story also talk about the gift why did you choose it the reason behind why you are giving the gift to so and so.

The more detailing you add to your gift the more better you can connect to one whom you are presenting the gift.

What should be said while giving the gift?

What Do You Say When You Give a Gift

While giving someone gift we should maintain some courtesy as the gift is given on a special occasion we should follow some simple steps to make one happy.

  • Talk About The special occasion

As the gift is given on a special occasion say birthday, anniversary, marriage as well as other event as it comes ones in a year we should talk about the occasion one should show respect to the occasion as well give a gift of ones choices so that they can remember for long.

  • Think about whom you are giving the gift

As you are giving the gift to someone very special while giving the gift bring a impression about the importance of his existence in your life how much you love him, present the gift in a meaningful way to make the person happy.

The main moto is to bring him or her to the lime light so that he fells good and his memories come live after seeing the gift as well what one say while giving the gift

  • Home made gift

Many people as we know love to give gift that are home made but this is little bit critical while choosing a gift for someone because many people like things that are memorable to them but choosing a memory thing is very tough because what you like one may not like so be careful while giving such type of gift.

The gift when you say something it must catch up with ones feeling so that he feels the warmth from your heart.

What are the phrases used for gift giving?

The gift giving phrases or words which we can say while giving a gift it depends on the base of situations.

There are two situation say, Formal as well as Informal the phrases or words we say while giving a gift we must remember some things as well as follow some simple procedure to make your gift giving pleasant.

Informal situation

While giving gift in formal situation like birthday party, anniversaries, Christmas party, as well as many more because we are giving gift to our family and friends it should be heart touching as well as warmth from deep inside heart.

  • The gift I bought for you I hope you like it.
  • Look what I bought for you dear.
  • Happy birthday to you many  happy return of the day I hope you like the gift.
  • Happy Anniversary the gift is for you.
  • Here is a small gift for I hope you like it.
  • Think what I bought for you.
  • This gift is specially for you.
  • I hope you like the gift.

Now let us see what we should day in formal situations.

Formal situation

When we are giving gift in a wedding, office party, business dinner for this type of situation we should handle the situation carefully as we are giving the gift to our co worker, or boss, officers we should follow a protocol.

Here are few steps to be followed while giving a formal gift one should remember.

  1. Write name and id on the gift box
  2. Who bought the present for whom
  3. Write the name in the gift box

What should we say after receiving a gift?

Giving gift is quite simple but the recipient must accept the gift so warmly that gift giving person feels happy, but some special word should be said as a courtesy.

Here are some special words to be said while receiving a gift.

  • Thank you so much!
  • That’s is so kind of you!
  • Thank you it’s beautiful!
  • I love it I will open it immediately.
  • That is so thought full of you it matches my choice.
  • Thank you I thought of getting one like this.
  • How kind of you.

Wow this is a dream come true.

Final Note

The basic thing what should we say while giving a gift is quite simple as in the article what we see is while giving a gift we should thing about ones choice, what the person is comfortable with, ones favorite thing and liking because the gift is a very touchy thing it represents ones feeling, emotion , how important the person to ones life .

While giving we say the things careful so the persons get an idea about how specially he or she is to us what are our impression come to light what we say while giving gift to make one warmth.

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