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Fishing is an interesting leisure or passes time for most of the people.  But what if you do not get proper time to deal with going fishing in any lake and have the fun.

This is where you get the World of Warcraft or WOW aids you out.

With a range of water-based fishing game, impeccable challenges and tough paths have made this game one of the most wanted fishing game till date.

The levels are incredible and we are here to make you know the tips and tricks of playing the levels so that you get the best out of your game.

Vanilla wow fishing guide

To complete the level 01 to 50, the first thing you have to do is purchase some baubles that are shiny and then you have to fish in the river Durotar or the Elwynn Forest. For the next 50 levels, go to the Ratchet and do fishing in the pools of the wreck off the pier. Low-medium grade trade is given by the crates and it gets a good sale. To get the 75 skill, use the shiny baubles.

If you are Horde, the 100-175 level goes directly the Revantusk Village of the Hinterlands and there you have to do the Snapjaws Mon quest. Grab dkme aqua-dynamic  attractors for fish and then go fishing in the Cape of Stranglethorn. When you hit the 125 level, you can easily use the bright baubles.

Fish in the Ratchet to get another skill points of 20 and then search for the Big Iron Fishing Pole.

Now go to the coast named Tanaris, follow vanilla wow fishing guide and start fishing. Hit the 200 fishing and switch to the bright baubles again.

From the levelsl 200 to 300, fish in the Stranglethorn. Reach the skill point 200 and go for more fun!

Legion Fishing Artifact

The requirements of legion Fishing Artifact is level 101. You have to ensure a fishing level of 800 too. You have to gain the BIGGER FISH TO FRY.

First if all, you have to gain the 18 rare fishes by searching them in the Broken Isles. You can visit the Conjurer Margoss for boosting up the chances of c getting rare fish.

The most implicated requirement is the BIGGER FISH TO FRY. This stage will take time and the completion of this task depends on your luck.

In the initial stage, go for the rare bait. Then get the 2 minute buff and catch rare fish. You wi not get excessive time to catch rare fish so be sure you get as much rare fish as you can.

WOW Balance of Power

The quick fact you have to remember is it starts in the Archmage Kalec and ends there too. This is not sharable and it requires 110 level.

All you have t do is absorb all the combined power of the Eye of Gul’dan and the Nightshards by the use of Zin-Azshari’s Heart. You have to do this at Linar Crucible.

This quest will start and finally, end in the Suramar.

At the final position, you have to reap the fruits that are of your labour.

Lothrius will tell you a place which is deep in the prior Moonguard Stronghol. This was used for infusing new Guards with gigantic power.

This is going to be the ideal place for tapping into and also for augmentg the power of your gathered Nightshards.

Here, you have to collect your effects. When you’ll be ready, you have to revealed the higher power that is within your artifact by the use of the Heart.

A Change of Seasons WOW

The quick facts that you should remember when you are here are this is a 110 level game and it also requires 110 level. It will start exactly at the Valewalker Farodin and will end in the Arcanist Valtrois. The total quest will happen in the Suramar. This is sharable.

The Tides of Vengeance is very important here. The data-mining has already begun for the Patch 8.1.

All you have to do here is to speak with the Arcanist Valtrois. Ypu have to know that the Arcan-dor is already preparing to get mature. Final burst of its growth is not very far. This gift will completely be realized with its final growth. You have to make the Leyline Feed must be ready for it.

If you complete this level, you will get 194 points. Here are the completion and upon these, in this quest you will also gain around 1650 experiences. With The Nightfallen, you will achieve 1o reputation too.

The Nightfallen, you will achieve 1o reputation too.

WOW Mining Guide

Miners usually pursue useful and valuable ores. The ores are basically extracted from the earth along with the picks.

For searching the Ore, on the ypur minimap, you have to enable Find Mineralsoption.

When you will continue to exercising the mining skill, you will smell the complex combination of the Ores into the alloys. In this wag, the Mining Skill will develop. You will require high skill values.

When you will be on Patch 5.0.4 you will no longer require any mining pick.

On the patch 4.0.1, Legion Guides will change and mew ranks will get associated. In these ranks, mining specific ore nodes will be allowed for triggering extra benefits. Low-skill players will not get further ore nuggets. This system is extended for covering all the types of ore beyond Pandaria. High skill level is required for a better performance.

Some FAQs on WOW Fishing

How to get free WOW time?

If you want to get free game time then you should know that it is only offered from time to time. Basically, around patch releases or expansions, you can get free game time. If your account is inactive for so many days then also you get free game time. If you want free game time then you can create a starter on the account and can play the free game under some limitation.

How to Install WOW AddOns?

You have to install the AddOns into the folder because the World of WarCraft have to load them. You have to logged out of the game just before you are goinh to install the AddOns. In the Windows, do a right click on the game icon, open the location of the file, locate your interface and go AddOns folder.

Final Verdict

Now you know all the tips of playing WOW. All you need is to make your leisure fun with this game.

Be careful when you play, the main thing is patience and be very tricky when you fish. This game will be your new obsession if you try this out.

And people who are already obsessed with this game can get a better outcome with wow fishing guide. Go fishing, go fun! All of the lake of WOW is yours now!

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