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Home Remedies For Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

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Are you fat? Are you trying to lose weight for so long but nothing is working for you? Is weight preventing you from wearing your favorite dress?

Losing weight can be very important for people who are suffering for heart disease, insomnia, diabetes, and menstrual problems. For being healthy, fit and fine, you have to take care of your body. We are here to provide you with some home remedies for weight loss in 2 weeks that actually work. Here we go!

Weight Loss Tips

Eat Small Meals

If you are up for losing weight in the fastest time possible then try to eat small meals. Eating is the first and foremost reason for being fat. You have to go for small meals but if you take so many small meals per day then instead of losing weight you will gain weight. Remember that you can only take meals 3-4 times a day.

Small meals will help in boosting metabolism, improving digestion and these will aid you in burning excessive fat of your body.

Drinking Juice

  • If you have belly fat and you want to reduce it in no more than 2 weeks then Lemon Water is going to be your best home remedy. Improving the functionality of your liver, lemon water leads you to remove the toxins and other waste material from your body. This juice does not only improve the metabolism but also develops your digestion process.
  • Drink 1 or 2 glasses of lemon water with honey in the morning before you eat anything. When you are in your empty stomach, warm lemon water will help you reduce fat naturally.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar will work great for weight loss. Take 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (raw) and add a glass of water. Before meals, drink it.
  • When Cinnamon is mixed with Honey, they make the best combination of weight loss remedies. Take 1 teaspoon of pure honey with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and mix it in one cup of water which is war. Give it a time for steeping. Drink early in the morning and before going to bed.

Weight Loss Clinic

Weight loss clinics are great for losing weight. They provide you with a perfect diet chart for your body. Their counseling and prescribed drugs will work for you. But we recommend you using some home remedies for reducing weight at first.

If no home remedies and home exercises work for you then you can go for the clinics. If you want a proper diet chart then also you can consult a weight lessening clinic.

Weight Loss Tips for Men

It seems easy for women to lose weight because their body usually does not grow solid metabolism where men have a strong and hard body which have a solid metabolism. To reduce fat you have to break this solid fat which is very tough.

The best way to go for is exercising at home. If you are lazy enough then you can take a walk when you are up for grocery shopping. 30 minutes walk a day will make you sweat that burns your fat.

Drink a lot of water and water can make your metabolism flow and burn fat. Water also keeps your stomach full so you do not need to take food often. When you are up for a meal, select the food that contains fiber such as oat, root vegetables, barley, apples etc.

Cucumber is great to reduce fat. Try to avoid other oils and stuck with coconut oil because unlike the other long-chain fatty acid coconut oil bears fatty acid of medium-chain.

Try to avoid sugar and caffeine as much as you can and for breakfast go for eggs. Stay with the protein meals, avoid junk food when at work and drink green tea.

Celebrity Weight Loss and Weight Gain Compilation

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Do you remember Hurley from the LOST (2004-2010.) Who doesn’t know him? Jorge Garcia, he has also appeared in the episodes of Alcatraz, the NewHawaii Five-0, How I Met Your Mother, Californication etc. He was told to lose weight because he was gaining so much weight that it risked his life.

He is, of course, a tall and large man as he has 6 feet height but according to the height he weighs is 400 pounds.

Taking excessive food became his obsession and he was risking developing heart disease, sudden heart attack, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes.

When he was 44 years old, he understood the risk of excessive weight and started aiming for a healthy life. He began with giving up alcohol along with fast food and then he started following some Vegan diet so that he can reduce weight.

This worked for him and it made him lose 30 lbs. of his body. But following the diet for an extended period he did not get any serious result and so he gave up on following them.

Consequently, he again started gaining weight and now his weight s approximately 400 lbs.

Lena Dunham Weight Loss

Lena Dunham, the actress lost 30 lbs. last year to get free from anxiety and she got toned up. But this year she has gained about 24 lbs. weight again. According to her post on Instagram, she revealed the reason for her gaining weight.

He posted a collage of two pictures, one from a years ago and the other of this year showing the transformation of gaining 24 lbs. weight.

She gladly expressed her happiness of gaining weight. She stated that when she was skinny she got noticed by so many people but had to maintain a tough diet with less food. She couldn’t eat what she wants when she was 138 lbs. and she had to bear a purse full of pharmacy, a head full of anxiety.

With less sugar and high caffeine, she got sick. Then she decided to gain weight and now with 162 lbs. he tells herself joyous and free.

From these two celebrities, we can say that weight is a relative term. No matter what, your health is important.

Some FAQs on Weight Loss in 14 days

What do Amino Acids do for Weight Loss?

Including amino acids that are essential in your protein based meal will develop the synthesis of muscle and will lead you to greater loss of fat. They usually build blocks of protein to energize you but reducing your fat. Chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt etc. can help you build you strong body also.

How to drink Kombucha for Weight Loss?

Kombucha is not a meal replacement but is ideal for weight loss including fewer calories, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, healthy probiotics. You have to drink it before meals. Do not go for it before sleep if you have sensitivity towards caffeine. For weight loss, take it when you are in an empty stomach.

How can I lose my stomach fat?

Take a lot of soluble fiber, do aerobic exercise, avoid caffeine and alcohol along with trans fat. This will help you to flatten your stomach.


Losing or gaining weight should never be a priority but being healthy must be. A light body definitely gives you a fresh mind and so losing excess weight is always recommended. But what if your body cannot bear it? If your health requires a little weight to be mentally and physically healthy then a little weight doesn’t hurt you.

But first, HEALTH!

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