How to Stay Healthy at Work – Realistic & Easy Ways

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Healthcare has never been a less prioritized issue rather it has been the hot topic from the very beginning. Nowadays, people are getting more serious about their health issues as life has become more hectic and there is no time for doing exercise and maintaining a proper diet.
But for keeping yourself free from diseases and other disorders, you have to be immensely attentive and observant towards the things that are related to your health. In this section, we are going to learn about how to stay healthy at work.

Best ways to stay healthy

Washing Hands

Washing your hands often is a great way to hold yourself back from being sick. This is the foremost thing that you have to do when it comes to cleanliness. People usually do not take hand washing seriously because they are used to eat food without washing their hands.
It is not only about washing hands before eating food but you also need to clean your hands often because in so many cases we put our hands in the mouth and the germs can get into the mouth easily. After you use the restroom, washing hands is also necessary. To keep yourself healthy, try to go for washing hands with water after coughing and sneezing as it will help you throw away germs from your hands.

Clean Workspace

The average desks usually shelter ten times more bacteria and other germs than a toilet seat. This seems pretty gross, isn’t it? To keep your body healthy, all you have to do is keeping your working area organized and neat.
After working all day long, you have to clean up your full desk. It will not require so much time, only five minutes will be enough to tidy up your dusty desk. In the midst of your work, you can wipe up your desk for staying healthy all day long.

Eat Healthy Food and Drink Water

Go for the Protein-based food, do not skip lunch and breakfast and skip drinking caffeine and any kind of alcohol.
you are working for day long, your body will be likely to suffer from dehydration. It will lead you to less productivity and less energy level when you are doing any crucial work. Water usually aids you in staying refreshed and alert so that you can promote clear and productivity thoughts.
For being hydrated so that you can keep pace with your daily work, all you have to do is purchasing a large water bottle. You can keep this at your desk and can drink water easily. The large bottle will lessen the pressure of refilling it again an again.

Hand Sanitizer

Keeping a hand sanitizer will going to reduce the sickness up to 70%. We always support washing hands than using hand sanitizer but when you are at your office, in most cases there is less time to go to the washroom and wash your hands. So, when in hurry, you can go for hand sanitizer as a safe option. Whenever you sneeze or a cough, use your hand sanitizer. We can use it often during your work to keep your hands clean.
Wipe your desk with the sanitizer if needed. This will not let the bacteria harm you.

Work at Home Exercises

When exercise is so important in your daily life if you are stuck at your office whole day long then there is less time to afford for workouts. Are you giving up your exercise for your office? If you do then you will feel less comfortable at your desk. Longtime work at the office can make your body less active and you age double. For being fit and fine at your workplace and also in your life, a little exercise does it all!

These are an easy exercise that you can do at your desk.

• As prolonged sitting may affect your blood circulation, you can do some exercise for your legs. All you have to do is remain seated and then you have to extend your legs forward. Now you have to reach down exactly towards the toes and stay like this for a while. When you are done, return to your first position and do it again for 5-7 times.

• You can do chair squats at your desk easily. Squats are an exercise that works for the whole body. For chair squats, stand approximately 6 inches in front of the chair and you have to lower your body down till the butt can hit the chair’s edge. Now you have to pop back up for doing it repeatedly.

• If your desk contains a PC and you need to do typing works then wrist stretch will be great for you. For this, stand up you have to place your wrists onto the desk and ensure that they face away from you. Now, until you can feel the stretch, start providing pressure. Stay stuck in this position for some seconds and perform the act for 5-6 times for each hand.

Some FAQs for Healthy Work Life

How to work night shift and stay healthy?

When you are at night shifts, your routine is definitely going to change which will affect your mind and body. In the daytime, sleep as much as you can. Do not take small naps rather sleep at least for 6-8 hours. Ditch caffeine otherwise it will not less you sleep in the daytime. Make a routine and stock up some healthy food with yours. Do exercise and walk if you can to avoid sleeping.

How to stay healthy and fit?

Being healthy and fit, all of the points mentioned above are important but you have to take care of your healthy diet. Go for a light healthy lunch. Some salad, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and lean protein will make the energy last for long period.

How do habits work?

Habits work in 3 stages, trigger, routine reward and then reverse. First of all, a cue or trigger will tell your brain to select which habit to follow. Then you will get a routine and finally, there will be a reward which will tell you if the habit is worth it or not. You have to form your good habits in such ways.
How long does it take to form a habit?
Research says, it takes 18 to 21 days to form a habit. If your behavior does not come automatically then it may require 2 months to around 66 days.

Winding Up

If you are an employee then you will definitely know how much-staying health benefits you. With proper health, you will get greater productivity, reduced missed working days and less stress. Not only for your work but also for your financial situation also. It will aid you to lower the cost of health care along with premiums of health insurance.
These are not work-life balance strategies for employees only but these are the tips for working from home also. Follow the preceding strategies for being safe, sound and healthy not only at work but also in your day to day life.


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