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Different Types of House Dog and Breeds in 2022


We all know that we humans are civilized by the roots of our ancestor we are following there foot step, when we humans talk about a pet’s the first thing that comes to our mind is dog’s because they are very close to us and they are also quite intelligent, so we like to keep them as a pet, but all the dog are not kept as a pet only some kinds of the breed are kept as pets.

As we all know, the world’s climate is not the same all around  the climate varies from country to country, so there are so many problems we face to keep them as pet’s, and we need to know the certain thing’s to keep our pets healthy and through this article, it would be a time saver for all of us to look after our pets

Types of House Dog’s kept as Pets

  • Golden retriever
  • Beagle
  • Pug
  • Irish Setter
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Newfoundland
  • French bulldog
  • Collie
  • And some people’s like to keep German Sheppard as well

The most important problem we face is where we should keep our dogs indoors ’outdoor or in. Mine craft .

House dogs come in all different shapes and sizes. There are breeds of dogs that are specifically bred to be house pets, and there are also dogs that are not bred to be house pets but make great house pets regardless. Some people may be looking for a specific type of dog when they are looking to add a pet to their home, while others may be more open to any type of dog as long as it is the right fit for their family.

types of house dog and breeds

Indoor Dog House

An indoor dog house is a house that we keep in our own home. This house provides a perfect gateway to the dog. We know dogs love a cozy space to leave in as they are quite close to humanbeing. They don’t love to leave lonely.

Heated Dog House

The heated dog house means as in foreign countries. We know that the climate just keeps on changing now , and then so if we are thinking of making a dog house, then we have to keep some things in mind.

The house should be properly insulated for insulating we need wood as we know wood is good stuff to trap the heat we can use enamel paint or proxy so in one word, we should provide all the stuff like optional doors, raised floors

etc. so that the house is warm from inside.

hose dog

Mine Craft Dog House

It is a house which is made like logo where everything has been created for from staying place to the bathhouse, bathroom etc. So that the dog gets habited with house type well fair

How to Build a Dog House?

To build a dog house, you have to think of two points whether you make it single or double

  • The outer wall of the dog house should be covered with heavy metal
  • The metal should be aluminum bonded with wood so that it can trap heat in winter, and in case of summer, it can leave heat out
  • The housing material should not be toxic
  • The size of the dog also matters so that the dog is comfortable inside. He should not feel suffocation
  • The first function of the dog house is to keep it clean and dry so that the dog is clean and it is not infected with disease and viruses, which attack if the surrounding of the house is damp and we

How to Stop Dogs From Pooping in the House?

Try to be as regular as possible with your dog’s meal and take him for a walk from time to time. Train him in such a way that he just try to follow the routine. Which you make for him like when peeing outside in the potty give him a reward so that he can easily understand what he should and what he should not.

What can I spray to keep my dog from peeing in the house?

In this case, use oil that smells like what dogs don’t like. Use some citric orange or vinegar-like pongee taste liquid which they hate to spray lemon juice, which is a good repellent.

different types of house dog

What to put in a dog house for bedding?

  • Pine cedar shaving because it is soft and comfortable to lie and it absorbs moisture.
  • Wood shaving is also good and eco-friendly easy to dispose of.
  • Cold weather dog bed.
  • Carpet.
  • Linens.
  • Rugs.
  • Hay or Straw.
  • Wood chips sawdust.

As we live in a world which is quite big and there are so many countries the pollution of dogs are also vast, there are nearly so many breeds of dogs nearly 900 million around the globe 80% free-range and 150 different dog breed and in countries like UK 24% of the adult population has dogs the statistics are growing in countries of Asia as well the people here are also getting attracted to them as they are seeing their necessity in our day to day life and according to the senses of 2018 there are 470 million pet dogs and on the other hand only 370 million pet cat.

According to data from America, it has 83.3 million dogs. The estimates 200 million stray dogs worldwide according to 2020 survey world health organization

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog

The best pet statistics survey shows that dog owners have a lower risk of heart disease, low blood pressure, and cholesterol. Dogs also benefit patients who have cardiovascular disease.

  • Dogs are know days used in the airport as drug squad because they have a good sense of smell.
  • Dogs have a good sense of time. They know the difference between an hour and time.
  • Dogs helps us to lower our stress in day to day life.
  • Dogs also helps us with allergies issue scientist has recovered that home with dogs as pet are less like to develop allergies in new born babies.
  • Dogs save us from loneliness issues.


As we know that having a dog as a pet is quite useful because it helps us in many different ways like mentally as we live in a world nowadays which is very stiff and spending time with our pet also keeps us fit. It also saves us from spending or time randomly. As the pet looks after us, we should also take care of their needs and look after them properly.

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