Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

21 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents | What are the Special Things


An Anniversary is not just a day or a date, it is a very heart-touching movement. It is the day when our parents were married. The day when they decided to be the better half of one another. The day is quite important not only for our parents but also for us because they are the ones who showed us this world.

It is also our responsibility and our duty as well to make this occasion special for them so that they can re joy the moment and feel the warmth from deep inside their hearts.

Mom and Dad a special gift for each one of us which is given by God, we should feel special that every year we get an opportunity to celebrate this moment.

Anniversary Tradition followed around the world?

As we all know that we belong to a very socialized and civilized world every country has a different cultures and different way of living so the day is also followed by variety of ways and also the gift giving ideas are different but something are quite common and it is also divided into categories.

  1. For the 5th anniversary Wood.
  2. For 10th Tin.
  3. For 15th Crystals.
  4. For 20thChina.
  5. 25thSilver.
  6. 30th Pearl.
  7. 35thJade.
  8. 40th Ruby.
  9. 45th Sapphire.
  10. 50thGold.
  11. 60th Diamond.
  12. 70th Platinum.

They divided this against the year of anniversary how many years our parents, have passed with each other.

How to wish our parents their Anniversary?

While wishing our parents a happy anniversary or while writing on the card we have to keep some things in our mind because the day is special for them and we should try to not spoil it rather we should make it worthy.

  • Here some ways to wish.
  • Wishing the perfect pair a perfectly happy day.
  • Wishing you another year of your happy life.
  • Happy Anniversary to your loved couples.
  • Happy sweet memories.
  • Stay Evergreen.
  • Live Long stay happy.

Party ideas for parents Anniversary?

21 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

Party giving is one of the most important idea, the day starts with this there are some few affairs which we should follow to make it very beautiful and warming .

We have to walk with a plan in our mind, here are some few steps to arrange the party clean and tidy way. Here are some ways by which we can manage the party.

1. House Cleaning and Painting

For party you have to first keep in mind if you are planning the party in your house you should clean it and if the house old then paint it as well for holding the party well.

2. Decoration

As we are celebrating the anniversary party we should decorate the house properly and also we should arrange sitting arrangements because we are going to have guests at the party.

3. Food items for parents’ anniversary

This is an anniversary party you arrange the food in on your way or you can paste order to catering because food is an important thing in our life. If you are giving it to the catering it’s OK they will take the head a chestnut if you are arranging it in the home then you have to look for, how many guests are coming to the party, what your parents love it, The choices of guests, How you are going to serve, what is for dessert.

4. Friends And Relative Gathering

The important task of the party is to manage the relatives and friends. while cutting the cake you should locate that everybody is present and everything is happening properly and going according to the task.

5. Music And Dance Arrangements

As it’s mom and dad, anniversary party entertainment is also, an important part and parcel as you are heading to the party to see whether events everything is done, DJ is ready or not.

6. Prayer Arrangements

As it is an anniversary party and we are throwing the party for our parents we have to remember the party must begin with the prayer because God has given us a wonderful gift we must pray for their long life.

7. Sweet items and Cake

The sweet is the most important dish of the day because the sweet is the symbol of happiness it removes the bitterness from our life.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

Because it’s our parent’s anniversary the occasion is special and unique so for this wonderful occasion we should be very chosen about what gives should we give to our parents so here are some special gifts ideas for our parent’s anniversary.

Hand-Painted Portrait

When we think of giving a gift the things that struck our mind us painting as we are giving this gift to our parents in their wedding anniversary take a photograph of your parents and then make a hand-painted portrait and there are some other options available like a sketch, pencil painting, crayon paintings, water color, painting, oil painting and you can also order it online from renowned painters.

Kashmir Pashmina Shawl

This is also a very important collection found in gift shops. These shawls come from the special and rare species of Himalaya goats hair, this shawl is a unique item in many countries they love to use this shawl is also considered to the royal item in many western countries

Small Tour Package

You can also plan a small your for them on the occasion of their wedding anniversary which would allow them to spend-time alone only with one another which is also a good idea.

Show them their wedding photos and videos

On a wedding anniversary, it is also, a good day to show them their childhood photos of their teenage life,wedding photos, and videos so that they can enjoy that moment again.

Story Telling

Bring you, parent, on the parties spotlight, request them to tell their stories, how they met, how much happy they are together, this helps them to refresh their memories.

Recreate their wedding day

Try to recreate their wedding ceremony that they can catch up with their memory.

Buy them a pet

Another precious gift is to buy them a pet or pet products, some peoples like dogs some like cats The pet would cut their loneliness, it is also a good time pass.

Do Charity

On the eve of the occasion,you can organize a charity in your parent’s name and donate some money for needy people, so that they give blessing to our parents, for their prosperity.

Give a family group photo

You can also take a family group photo with all the members present in the family.

Record a personal message

Personal messages like wishes, greetings. Beautiful Plant

There are many and rare species of herbal and floral plants which is also a good gift.

Bobble heads

Bobble head is a gift that is cut out by 3d printer cut. It is a cartoon replica of a Bobble head which can be placed anywhere you want.

What are the special things that can do that your parents’ anniversary?

Whatever we give to our parents it is less but here are some ways to please them on their anniversary.

  • Commit the day for your parents only stay the whole day with them.
  • Make breakfast for them.
  • Handwritten card for your parents.
  • Hand-made gifts.
  • Cook much, dinner for them.
  • Arrange a picnic.
  • Play games with them.

How can I make my parent happy on this anniversary?

Every parent in this world is the use whichever religion, culture, the tradition you belong what our parents want is they like to see there their happy, obedient. Here are some steps that we can promise them on that day for keeping them happy.

Do not talk back or disrespect, if you can’t do anything calmly tell them.

Communicate with your parent because communication is the only way by which many problems can be solved and your parents can understand your feelings and you can also respect their feelings.

Always listen to them. Be obedient.

Special Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents?

We must think for our parents because they looked after us when we were small so it is also our duty to look for the healthy and wealthy old age they get.

Here are some ideas you may implement.

Gift a Pension Fund

If we become responsible to take the family problem in our shoulders, if our parents are working then we children should figure out a pension fund for them and retire them from work.

Life Insurance policy

By the man insurance policy so that they no need to think anything else.

Medical Policy

Give them a medical policy so that they need not think about their health issue because they already get a media clam facility.


We must anniversary it our duty to make them happy by giving them gifts and do all sought of things that our parents like and the things that give them pleasure and relief.

Our parent had worked for so much to keep us happy it is also our duty no only on the anniversary day look after them every day.

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